Guinot Body Treatments

Duration Price
Techni Spa 60mins £108
This revolutionary slimming treatment uses lipo-dermo-sculpting technology. The sculptor glides over the body contours breaking down fatty deposits and cellulite. Ionization dissolves cellulite by pushing an active gel into the deeper layers, draining toxins and fatty deposits. The micro-current stimulates muscle contractions to firm the tissues and stimulate oxygen blood flow, resulting in a firmer and more toned appearance. Scientific results have shown a 35% increase in firmness, reduction of cellulite and fatty deposits, with an improvement in microcirculation and body measurements.

Immediate results are achieved from the first treatment, lifting and smoothing the legs, abdomen, back and arms. After a course of treatments there is a great improvement, especially when combined with healthy nutrition and regular exercise. .
course of 10 £972
Aromatic Contouring 75mins £84
A holistic anti-cellulite treatment with a triple effect,combining the stimulating action of essential oils,an anti-fluid retention sauna mask and detoxifying clay. Circulation is improved, fatty deposits eliminated and a firmer body
contour is achieved.
Back Hydradermie 60mins £86
An ideal deep cleansing treatment for clearing blocked pores and improving skin texture.This specialised back treatment purifies and rehydrates the skin.
Bust Hydradermie 60mins £86
This firming treatment revitalises and tones the elastic and connective support tissues of the bust. The results are a noticeable lifting of the breast contour to give a more youthful appearance.