Nora Bode Oxy Jet Treatments

Duration Price
Beauty Tox Ultra 75mins
Course of 5
Breathe new life into your skin with 98% pure oxygen,pushing high performance formulations into the deep layers with a safe and effective no needle oxygen therapy.This facial treatment is proven to re-energise the skin, giving a healthy radiant look,stimulating cellular renewal whilst plumping fine lines and wrinkles.

This treatment begins with an enzyme peel in preparation for the oxy fluid and oxygen that is sprayed and pumped into the skin.The oxygen freshens and revitalises, increasing blood circulation, whilst the oxy fluid nourishes.An intensive anti-aging caviar and collagen mask is applied,whilst breathing in pure oxygen enhanced with essential oils. This maximises the treatment benefits and counterbalances environmental stress and pollution of today’s busy lifestyles. For best results a course of five treatments over five weeks is recommended, this includes complimentary homecare products worth over £100
Beauty Tox Ultra with Maxi Lip 90mins
Course of 5
Maxi-Lip is a patented ingredient that is a natural peptide that volumises the lips,increasing collagen production by up to 35%.This is the perfect treatment for a firm, smooth and well defined lip contour creating the perfect pout